Invest and profit from natural gas infrastructure.


The United States is addicted to foreign oil. We have a unique opportunity to take back our country by taking back our economy. We have the opportunity to revolutionize the North American automobile industry by creating a domestic fuel infrastructure that supports domestically produced cars. At the same time we are creating a once in a lifetime investment opportunity.


At current prices, light weight CNG vehicles can be refueled for ~ $ 2.25 per gallon. Performance is comparable to gasoline powered vehicles and the selection of cars is growing. Ford has the most vehicles that are suitable for conversion, and eventually will lead to a full line of CNG production vehicles, not just from Ford, but from all OEM’s. Imagine having a second chance to participate in the profits oil companies have had for decades.

The catalyst to full production will be a fully integrated infrastructure of CNG refueling stations. This has created a unique opportunity to participate in the build out of an emerging industry. International CNG, Inc. is promoting the use of CNG by creating a corridor of refueling stations. You, as an accredited investor, can take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Until now, no one could develop a model that was viable and profitable. International CNG is building the corridor of stations around existing national corporations, whose employees and customer will easily convert to CNG. It is the only viable fuel that delivers without compromise:

- A national CNG infrastructure exists. The stations simply have to be built and connected.

-CNG is 30% cleaner burning and up to 25% less expensive.

- Small dedicated coalitions of CNG drivers can multiply into a national presence. With minimal production commitments, 5,000 to 10,000 units, Ford will produce CNG vehicles the public wants to drive.

Currently the vehicles are available as conversions. In the future they will be full production models. AT&T is one of the pioneers who have encouraged Ford to produce a fleet of 2,000 dedicated CNG vehicles and is preparing to purchase thousands more.

International CNG is offering the stations at a cost of $1,750,000 with a maximum of 35 accredited investors per station. Participating in more than one station adds diversification to your CNG portfolio, although, we expect that through careful placement, the stations will all perform similarly. The company expects a 10 to 15% return in the first 1-2 years. In years 3-5 we expect that return to be between 15-25%. While rates of return are not guaranteed, our conservative models are for a strong competitive advantage over comparable gasoline stations.

Reasons to invest in natural gas:

1. Natural is less expensive than oil.

2. The stations are less expensive to run and require less real estate.

3. Foreign entities will not affect American CNG production or potentially create huge price swings.

The first corridor of stations will surround Washington, D.C. , Maryland and Virginia. This selection is investor driven as well as politically motivated. In a similar manner, the second corridor will begin in Detroit and work its way across Ohio and Pennsylvania. Eventually, the two corridors will be brought together in Maryland via New York and New Jersey. In this way we can capture the most important aspects of success:

Support of Washington will encourage Detroit to produce production line vehicles which are supported by the nation’s first fully integrated public CNG refueling infrastructure. The value of the stations will increase as number of CNG vehicles on the road increases. The value of the stations is not just the cash flow in years 3-5 and beyond, but the power of the network to keep expanding and create a greater density of stations as needed.

The following represents a 20% rate of return on investment:

1000 cars per week using 10 gallons of fuel can generate a $.50 per gallon profit whether natural gas is at $ 4.00 or $ 7.00. This will yield a $350,000 profit. Even if you cut that projection in half, 500 cars per week will yield a 10% rate of return. The question to consider is do you believe that International CNG can generate enough interest so that there will be at least 10,000 vehicles purchasing 10 gallons a week? Considering that there are over ~10 million cars and trucks sold a year, we are only looking to capture 10-20,000 of those within the first 3 years. Imagine if we can achieve 2,000 vehicles per station, a still relatively small but a easily attainable number. The rate of return doubles to 40%. Then consider the value of the stations in a potential sale or IPO.

Now is the time to invest in the future of North American energy independence and your future financial security. Securing America and Canada’s energy future provides tremendous profit potentials.

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